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Due to the current situation we thought it apt for everyone to brush up on their health and safety skills, so we are offering our Health and Safety for therapists online course for FREE

Maintaining health and wellbeing E-Class – FREE

Health and safety for therapists online course – FREE

Listening skills for therapists online course – FREE

Anxiety Awareness E-Class – FREE

Stress management


If you have not done so already, why not sign up to our FREE student and therapist resources section, full of FREE stuff 🙂


Why are we offering free courses and periodic discounted online courses? Because we are all in this together, and if i can help people out in these dire times, i will. I don’t agree with the cashing in on the situation, where prices have increased, and these courses are still offered at the high quality they have always been. I look at online learning as a way for people to increase their knowledge and skills and develop what they already have. This is an opportunity to build on your skills that you already have, and enhance them with further knowledge gained from the online courses. As we all know, it is a responsibility to ensure that treatments are given to the highest of standards, and this, sadly, cannot necessarily be undertaken by just doing an online course. It is the responsibility of you, the therapist, to ensure that you gain practical experience and ensure you are giving treatments to the safest and best way you possibly can. Many students will take our online courses, then go on to gain practical experience in addition to this. Stay safe everyone 🙂

For details of the courses we run, the dates and venues, please click here – COURSES