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Karen Ashton, founder of Holistic Therapies Training, has published her first book. The book is available in paperback and kindle version.


An A – Z of essential oils packed full of essential oils for ailments, tips and useful information. Suitable for home use or for therapists who are qualified or in training. The book covers 36 oils and covers the criteria required to complete VTCT level 3 Aromatherapy qualification. The book covers therapeutic properties of the oils for the emotions and physical ailments of the body, listed by body system. It is full of tips, useful charts, glossary, the classification of notes for each oil, blending ratio chart, chemical constituents, various ways to use the oils, what to look for when purchasing essential oils, safety guidelines and more. This book is not a book of recipes or suggested blends but it does contain some tips and suggestions on how to select oils for your own blends or to use the oils singly. The book does, however, contain some suggested blends that have been used by the author for some ailments. Each of the oils are listed alphabetically and contain useful information about their aroma, their note, plant name & family, extraction method, its main chemical constituent, properties, physical benefits (listed by body system type) & emotional benefits; & for all level 3 aromatherapy students, it lists the objective of the oil to help you select oils for your case studies (i.e., relaxation, balancing, uplift/stimulate & stress relief.)

Here’s what people are saying about the book so far . . . . .

“It is exactly how i would want an aromatherapy book to be set out”

“I love this book”

“I read the sample book first and was so impressed. It was easy to read and simple to understand”

“This book is great for learning all about the essential oils and blending for Aromatherapy massage treatments or other uses. There is lots of tips and useful information about which oils provide the best results. Would highly recommend” Amazon 5* review

“Great book I would definitely recommend , very easy to read , I’m a qualified aromatherapist & I often buy new books just to see how they written & to add extras to my collection, this book is very well set out with a good explanation of each oil & there uses , definitely worth a read 👍” Amazon 5* review

“This book is fantastic, it is really helpful as I’m still learning about the essential oils and it tells you everything you need to know. I would definitely recommend.” Amazon 5* review


Karen is a fully qualified beauty and holistic therapist, assessor, verifier and teacher. She has many therapies ‘under her belt’ and is very passionate about her work.  Karen has run her own therapy business since 2003 and professional training school since 2007.  Writing has always been a passion of hers and wrote all the training manuals for her beauty & massage school, Holistic Therapies Training. She has also written E-books and this is her first, hopefully of many, published books.


Karen Ashton (formerly Kilminster)

Karen Ashton (formerly Kilminster) the founder of Holistic Therapies Training.  Beauty & Complementary Therapist. Founder of Holistic Therapies Training, a private training school. Author. Course Writer. Lover of Aromatherapy.

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