Provide therapies for clients with cancer accredited course


Course Dates:

Bideford, Devon


August 2019 – Mon 5th



Provide therapies for clients with Cancer or other life limiting conditions 

accredited training course

Provide therapies for clients with cancer or other life limiting conditions

This accredited course Provide Therapies for Clients with Cancer & Other Life Limiting Conditions (Oncology) qualification will prepare you to work within a healthcare setting providing complementary therapies for clients who are suffering life limiting conditions or who are critically frail. Complementary therapies are widely available to people with cancer and increasingly to patients with a range of long term medical and life limiting conditions. These therapies are delivered alongside orthodox treatments, often within the healthcare setting, with the aim of providing psychological and emotional support through the relief of symptoms. This qualification is designed to give you the essential knowledge for customer care and consultation skills to assist you to provide your own therapeutic skills within a clinical setting. This course does not teach you about cancer or other medical conditions, or learning a treatment. This course is about customer care and consultation skills.

Entry level:

To be eligible for registration on this qualification, it is a requirement that you are a qualified complementary therapist holding a Level 3 (or equivalent) qualification in at least one of the three main disciplines of complementary therapies, namely – aromatherapy, reflexology and massage. Anatomy and physiology knowledge at Level 3 or equivalent is also a mandatory requirement.
Note – there is no specific requirement within this qualification for therapists to study a specific range of cancer and other pathologies. Therapies may be provided for the client wherever they are located: in a hospital, hospice, care home, or other care or support facility, in their own home or visiting the therapy room.

Course format:

Practical attendance:  1 practical session

Coursework: Home study and question paper and case studies

Written Exam: No exam papers

Course content:

  • Provide therapies for clients with cancer and other life limiting conditions
  • Listening skills for therapists online course – FREE
  • Health and safety for therapists online course – FREE


1 practical session + home studies +case studies

Model required?:

Group training = No, students will work on each other.

One to one training = Yes, you will be required to bring a model along to the practical

training to practice your routine on.

Case studies = Yes, you will be required to work on models for your case studies.

Assessments = Yes, you will be required to bring a model along to assessments to practice your routine on.

Case Studies:

You must carry out and document evidence for a minimum of 3 case studies for clients in a realistic working environment. You should aim to provide complementary therapy to a variety of different clients with life limiting medical conditions or those who are clinically frail.

Accrediting Body:

ABT, Professional Beauty

Career Opportunities:

Self-Employment or Employment as a Complementary Therapist or massage therapist .

Additional Costs:

You will need to purchase your own products, equipment (e.g. massage couch /

chair) and massage oils in order to carry out your case studies. We also recommend you purchase a text book to support your learning

Qualification gained:

An accredited diploma in Provide therapies for clients with cancer and other life limiting conditions


Please check your insurance companies requirements before enrolling on this course? (It is the students responsibility to check coverage with their insurers BEFORE enrolling on this course)

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