Which Qualification?

Which Qualification should I take?

Cant decide which course or qualification to take? Here are some pointers that might help you based on previous frequently asked questions by our students.

Here are a couple of pointers that might help:

Are you working or planning to work as self-employed or employed?

For employed therapists it is good to check with your employers which level of qualification they require you to hold, i.e., most will prefer the VRQ route, as opposed to accredited. For self-employed therapists, you could choose either option, VRQ (which are with our exam board VTCT) or accredited.

Who are you currently insured with?

One of our specifications before enrolling on any of our courses is that you MUST check with your insurers BEFORE enrolling on any of our courses to ensure your insurers will provide you with cover once qualified.  Some insurers / professional memberships will only cover certain levels of qualification, i.e., they might cover you for a  VTCT (VRQ) qualification but will they cover you for an accredited qualification or an online distant learning qualification?

How quickly do you want to get your qualification?

All of our courses are self-paced and require home study and case studies, in addition to the practical training and assessments (dependant on which course you enrol on). However, all the work required to be carried out at home is self-paced so you can qualify as soon as you are ready.  But, some points to consider are the course you enrol on, and how much work is involved.

Typically, here are some examples of the length of time it has taken for some of our students to complete a course with us.

  • Online distant learning accredited course – There are typically 6 – 12 modules to complete dependant on the course, and we have had students complete in as little as 6 weeks (sometimes sooner) up to 12 months (this is the maximum time allowed to complete an online course.
  • Accredited diploma course (with practical training) – Students have qualified in as little as a one week from the date of their practical training, up to 3 months (dependant on how quickly they can complete their case studies etc.)
  • VTCT Qualification (these are our VRQ qualifications) – These are typically completed within 3 – 12 months dependant on the level of the course (we offer level 2, 3 & 4 qualifications), the number of case studies required (this can range from 3 up to 100 dependant on the subject you are studying), the amount of course work involved (this can range from 1 unit up to 10+)

These are only rough guidelines ONLY, and will vary from person to person, it will largely depend on criteria such as:

  1. How many guided learning hours /coursework is involved in the course
  2. The amount of time you can commit to the course on a weekly / monthly basis
  3. Are you on one of our payment plans. We offer 3, 6 or 12 month plans for courses over £500, that are not on special offer, and you cannot qualify until all payments have been made, terms apply.

Who are the VTCT? What is a VRQ?

The VTCT stands for Vocational Training & Charitable Trust and they are a governing body who provide VRQ (Vocational Related Qualifications) & NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications). Here is a link to our page that explains about the VTCT.


Here is a direct link to their webpage also, to find out more – www.vtct.org.uk 

What is a VTCT single unit qualification?

This is a certificate awarded by the VTCT for one unit only and is suitable for students who want a higher level qualification than an accredited course but do not want to complete a full VTCT qualification, such as a VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy (which is made up of several units.)

What are accredited courses?

Accrediting bodies have their own standards and criteria that are not necessarily regulated by industry standard councils, but are still approved for professional use and eligible for insurance cover.

Here are the accrediting bodies that accredit some or all of our courses:


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