Course Dates

Course Dates

Course dates for beauty, nail, complementary therapy and massage courses


Here are our courses currently running:




2018 Dates

South Molton, Devon

Course Name Course Date
Acupressure massage 19thMarch 2018
Aromatherapy (advanced) Level 4 21st March 2018
Aromatherapy blending 16th January 2018 FULL

30th April 2018

Aromatherapy massage 16th & 17th January 2018 OR

23rd & 30th April 2018

Assessor 21st February 2018
Baby massage instructor 6th March 2018
Beauty therapy Level 2 (5 days) 7th Feb, 14th March, 18th April, 23rd May & 13th June 2018 (5 days)
Beauty therapy Level 3 (3days) 17th Jan, 29th Jan & 7th Feb 2018
Body massage 17th January 2018 OR

23rd April 2018

Body massage VTCT (2 days) 17th & 18th January 2018 OR

23rd & 24th April 2018

Body wrap 10th January 2018
Chinese massage 21st March 2018
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 8th February 2018
Complementary therapies Level 3 (5 days) 16th, 17th, 18th January AND 14th, 15th march 2018 OR,

14th / 15th March, 23rd/24th/30th April 2018

Complementary therapies Level 4 (7 days) 21st Feb & 6th, 7th, 13th, 21st, 22nd March 2018 & 11th April 2018
Crystal therapy 21st February 2018
Crystal Therapy Level 3  21st February & 2nd March 2018
Deep tissue massage 21st March 2018
Education & training Home study + micro-teach on 5th March 2018
Eyelash / brow treatments 13th June 2018 (Eve)
Eyelash extensions  19th February 2018
Facial 31st January 2018 OR,

18th April 2018

Gel polish 20th February 2018
Hand reflexology 25th January 2018 OR 15th March 2018 (both dates PM)
Hot stones massage 7th February 2018 OR

21st May 2018

Indian head massage 29th January 2018 FULL

10th April 2018

Lymphatic drainage massage 21st February 2018
Make-Up 16th May 2018
Make-Up VTCT (3 days) Starts 16th May 2018
Manicure 1st February 2018 OR;

7th February 2018

Massage (advanced) Level 4 (3 days) 21st Feb, 6th & 7th March 2018
Maternity & fertility reflexology 1st March 2018
Oriental face massage 21st February 2018
Oriental hand massage 22nd February 2018
Pedicure 14th March 2018
Pre & post event massage 7th March 2018
Pregnancy massage 29th March 2018
Provide therapies for clients with cancer & other life limiting conditions 28th February 2018
Reflexology (2 days) 22nd & 25th January 2018 OR

14th & 15th March 2018

Reflexology (advanced) Level 4 (3 days) 13th & 22nd March & 11th April 2018
Reiki 1 28th March 2018
Reiki 2 6th March 2018
Salon Reception Duties 22nd March 2018
Sports massage VTCT Level 3 (3 days) 12th, 13th & 14th February 2018
Sports Massage VTCT Level 4 (5 days) 16th – 20th April 2018
Spray tan 22nd March 2018
Stress management 8th March 2018
Thai foot massage 26th February 2018
Thermal auricular therapy

(Ear Candling)

29th March 2018
Threading Tbc
Warm bamboo massage 6th March 2018
Waxing 13th June 2018

Torquay, Devon

Sugaring – 20th February 2018

Helen also has the following available dates available for bespoke training days:

February 2018
5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st

March 2018
12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, 28th


If you don’t see a course for the venue you require.   Please call or email for available dates and courses at these venues.

Further dates available:

If there is not a date set above for a course you are interested in, please scroll down to the location most suitable to you and see what our tutors availability is, we can often book in course dates to order.

Poole, Dorset – Julie generally offers training on a Monday & Saturday (subject to availability). Julie’s next available dates are listed here – Poole available course dates

Julie also has the following planned course dates:

February 2018

Indian Head Massage – 10th

VTCT Level 3 Body Massage – 17th & 19th (assessments to take place in South Molton, Devon)


Monmouth – Charlotte offers training on a Monday & Tuesday (subject to availability.) Charlotte’s next available dates are listed here – Monmouth course dates

Calne, Wiltshire

– Nikki offers training generally on a Tuesday & Thursday (subject to availability.) Nikki’s next available dates are listed here: Calne available course dates

Walton-on-Naze, Essex   

Tina’s next available dates are listed here: Walton-on-Naze available course dates


Dates are booked to order, so please do check with us for our latest tutor availability.

Most courses are available as 1 or 2 day fast track accredited diplomas or you can upgrade to an VRQ (additional fees apply)Course dates can be subject to change, so please check availability.

Course times are generally – 10.30AM till 4PM (this is a shorter day if one to one training)

Please ask if there is a course you are interested in or a date that you cannot see here, we add dates all the time

Beauty Courses
Body Wrap ~ Eyelash Extensions ~ Facial ~ Make Up ~ Sugaring ~ Tanning (Spray & Cosmetic) ~ Threading ~ Tinting (Eyelash & Brow Treatments) ~ Waxing ~ Eyelash Extensions

Nail Courses
Gel Polish ~ Manicure ~ Nail Enhancements ~ Pedicure

Holistic and Massage Courses

Acupressure Massage ~ Advanced Massage ~ Advanced Aromatherapy ~ Advanced Reflexology ~ Advanced Complementary Therapies ~ Aromatherapy Massage ~ Baby Massage Instructor ~ Baby Reflexology ~ (Swedish) Body Massage ~ Chinese Body Massage ~ Complementary Therapies ~ Crystal Therapy ~ Hopi Ear Candling (Thermal Auricular Therapy) ~ Hot Stones Therapy Massage ~ Indian Face Massage ~ Indian Head Massage ~ Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage ~ Oncology (Cancer Care) ~ Oriental Face Massage ~ Oriental Hand Massage ~ Pregnancy Massage (Pre Natal Massage) ~ Reflexology ~ Reiki Level One ~ Reiki Level Two ~ Reiki Master ~ Sports Massage (Incl., Deep Tissue & Pre and Post Event Massage) ~ Thai Foot Massage ~ Warm Bamboo Massage

Correspondence Courses (Distant Learning / Home Study)
Acupressure Massage ~ Anatomy & Physiology ~ Angel Therapy ~ Aromatherapy (Blending of Essential Oils) ~ Baby Reflexology ~ Business & Marketing for Therapists ~ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ~ Colour Therapy ~ Contact Dermatitis (Preventing) ~ Crystal Therapy ~ Feng Shui Therapy ~ Flower Remedies ~ Hand Reflexology ~ Health & Safety Level 3 ~ Healthy Eating Level 3 ~ Holistic Aromatherapy Facials ~ Holistic Nutritional Therapy ~ Kinesiology ~ Life Coaching for Therapists ~ NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) ~ Palm Reading ~ Pathology Level 3 ~ Stress Management ~ Tarot Reading ~ Weight Loss Therapy